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Confessions of a Closeted Conservative

I think I’ve been putting off this fact for a couple years now. I didn’t know what I was supposed to tell people. I figured that I wasn’t affecting anyone and they weren’t really affecting me at the time. I mean, you mention one thing that just connects you to this group and people look at you like a disease! That was until I realized that I know how to defend myself against this bigotry! Stay up to date and show them that we are all, as Americans, not too different! In fact, they might share the same views as me and they might not even know it! So this is why, I feel like now is the time to put it all out there- I am a conservative libertarian.

Here’s the thing: the media paints me to be some sort of villain. I am, in fact, quite the contrary. Personally, I don’t like the blame game, or trying to find faults in others. I typically don’t try to find differences when I first meet people. However, it pains me to see that as time goes by, the Republican Party is made out to be some sort of greedy, self-absorbed monster with horns. I am a conservative and I believe in equal rights for everyone. I believe in feminism. I believe that America is the greatest country in the world. Now, I could sit here and explain that I am a tolerant person but this is not really the whole point. My image as a conservative libertarian always seems to be slandered by the media’s bigoted opinions and misinformation all the time. I am here to illuminate the truth about being a conservative. It has been said that people are afraid of what they do not understand.  And so I guess maybe the reason that you may believe that I, a 17-year-old girl, am a monster is because you just don’t understand.

Let’s start with race and ethnicity. Bottom-line: I don’t think this is a card that should even be played, let alone dealt. Don’t get me wrong though, America is all about cultural diversity! I just don’t find that race is especially important- It should be about the ideas. That is what it’s all about anyways, isn’t it? If you answered yes: then why is the amount of diversity in the Republican party a joke or even remotely important? Yes, most black people might agree with Democrat ideals, but does that make Republicans racist? The ones who capitalize on this are racist: Republican or Democrat.

So what about feminism? This party has somehow gotten the reputation as suppressors of women. It’s funny, because I heard a Code Pink women respond to a question as to why any women would vote republican. Her response? “…Because their husbands tell them to.” And whether or not it’s a joke, it’s still sexist nonetheless. Code Pink does not help with distinguishing women as equals to men at all! Let’s face it. Susan B. Anthony would not be very appreciative that women are fighting for feminism as vagina puppets. First wave feminists fought to show that women are not just identified for their reproductive organs, they are individuals with brains and ideas. These vagina outfits are degrading and sexist. Feminism is defined as: “The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” I think the true feminists are those who practice using their brains. The people who are known for their ideas and their strength. Not the ones gallivanting around speaking for PART of the American female population by badgering people who don’t agree with them.

It is also a common view that everyone who is pro-life is out to get women. Abortion is a method to get rid of undesirables. Abortion is used in numerous ways, but on a worldwide scale, a common method is “gendercide”.  So who is being sexist exactly? And what seems to be neglected quite a bit is the rights of those with disabilities. Many abortions’ roots grow from the fear of having a child who is disabled. I know what some may be thinking: ‘Well, I don’t believe in abortion but why should I tell someone else what to do?’ Well, this condition could be used in various situations. Example, I don’t personally believe in killing people, but who am I to tell them not to kill that man? Think about why you, personally, wouldn’t condone abortion. If you don’t support abortion, why would you support anyone else in having an abortion? I don’t have some sort of loathing towards women, but I do understand that every human life is important, not just the ones that are wanted or more convenient.

On Marriage, here is what I have to say. I don’t believe in “Gay Marriage”. I believe in Marriage. Period. Before you get ahead of yourself, I don’t believe in the title gay marriage. Marriage is marriage and that can be between you and the person you love, whether you are gay, lesbian, or straight. Frankly, it is not my business who you marry because it really does not affect anyone at all besides yourselves.

This is turning out to be quite a bit longer than I expected. I am going to be writing more, but I thought I would get at least a few stereotypes out of the way. And this is for whom it may concern, because apparently many people are interested in bashing my conservative beliefs. And these are only a few of the social issues I stand by.